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Those who are interested in Ittikaf in makkah or Madinah the registration will be stated after 25th Shaban till 10 Ramzan. 

You can scan the bardcode in the image or visit the above links.

Use google chrome browser, normally it aromatically translate the page from Arabic to English. Otherwise, you can translate the page manually suing the same browser. 

Before, apply Visit the step by step link, how to apply.

At end also read the useful instruction, How to do Itikaf at Makkah and Madina? What item you need to bring? Where to stay?  etc..


  • There is no need to register for Itikaf registration at makkah, you can directly go one day before (for selecting the place of your choice). But the advantage of registration is that if you register in the early dates of etikaf they will give you a locker to put your luggage. and more important normally before 30 mints of each prayer they did not allowed to enter in the mosque due to large number of people, if you showed them the itikaf card they will give you a favor to enter in the rush time.
  • At the end of this page there are a audio lecture about how to do itikaf in makkah and madina, in which the mulana mention different masael about holy masjeds.
  • If you need other information you can directly contact me at my email: info@fmwtravels.com or at my whatapp: +92-334-5927278. It my pleasure to guide you in sha Allah.

Last year the link was open after 15th Shaban til 15th Ramzan. (You can see the details in the above image, it is written in Arabic, this time it will be started at 25th Shaban till 10 Ramzan).

So, you can apply and register yourself in the given period.

I will recommend that you need to Apply after 25 shaban once the link opens for registration.

Once you reached Makkah then you can take your i’tikaf card from the counter between 15 to 20 of Ramzan.

Note: if you apply later then you can register but they will not give the locker to put your items inside the locker. Because there less number of the locker and the number of people are more. So, they give locker up to a few thousand people not all the people. But if you did not got the itikaf card also any problem, you can do i’tikaf. The only benefit of the card is the locker.

If you want to do i’tikaf in Madina then registration is mandatory. Without registration, you can not stay in Madinah. But for Makkah, It not mandatory. 

One more advantage of i’tikaf in Madina/or Makkah, you don’t need to stay in a hotel, I.e., if you are coming for itikaf don’t pay money to the hotel of the i’tikaf period, you can give up to 100 or 150 Saudi royals just for take care of your luggage. 

JazakaAllah Khmer. Kindly remember me in your special dua, once you can for itikaf or umrah.

May Allah accept you to bring you for blessing itikaf.

Info & Guidelines

  • 3-4 pairs of clothes. I’tikaf will last 9-10 days and this depends on how often yo
    u need to shower. For ladies, carry an extra abaya and hijab in case yours gets dirty. Though it’s hot in Makkah, you might get chilly if your clothes are too thin, and you happen to be in an air-conditioned hall. Try cotton which keeps you cool during the day and warm at night.
  • Personal care: deodorant, oud, hand wipes, lots of tissue, small shopping bags, comb, small mirror, extra pair of glasses, tablets for headache and flu, face masks, tooth brush, tooth paste
  • Prayer mat
  • Bring with yourself some medicine for headache, flow, allergy, and throat infection (note: these are just for convenience otherwise there are pharmacy available near to Mosque, but it will help you and you can shared it with some bother if they have problem like above )
  • ​Cell phone charger (yes there are sockets in the mosque!) and an adaptor, but remember I’tikaf also means not to used the things which create disturbance in ebadat.
  • ​Sleeping equipment: inflatable pillow, sheets, blankets [bring small/mini size, especially air-fill plow, sheets and blanket because it will take less space], otherwise your ehram will also work as blankets and sheets.
  • Two small-sized plastic water bottles: fill them up before Fajr and use them for ablution in the ablution areas the next day if you need to. You will not find a trace of water in Masjid-al-Haram during the day, all water cans are emptied, faucets closed, don’t know why they do that, so be prepared. Water supply is opened after asr but it’ll be a hassle to get water since you risk losing your spot, so use this for aftar as well.
  • A pocket-sized Quran with translation and a dua’a book.
  • Sisters/brother should bring an over-the-shoulder bag because they’re the easiest to carry. Also, carry a tiny over-the-shoulder bag and wear it under your Abaya and put your money in it!

Remember: Kindly don’t bring more items with you, because they will not allowed if the size of the item are large, especially if they see the item in box or like in laptop bag they will not allowed you. Better to put these items in a big size shopping bag or over-the shoulder bag. [I will update, check the end of the page i will show some picture what item is recommend to bring]

  • People performing I’tikaf generally remain on the first floor of Masjid-al-Haram (not the ground floor) because it’s not as packed as it is downstairs, but mind you it’s still very very crowded in Ramadan. If you enter gate no. 84 (one of the mini gates next to the huge King Fahd Gate) and go straight up using the stairs, you come right to a female cabin (there are many more to the right and left). Ahead of the female cabin there’s the men’s area. The great thing about this area is that there are ablution areas right behind so you don’t have to go to the bathrooms if you just want to do wuzu. Also if you leave the mosque from gate 84, the female bathrooms are straight ahead. So are the restaurants.
  • A friend told me that Masjid-al-Haram also has a basement where a lot of worshippers perform I’tikaf. Personally, I’ve never been there, but you can definitely check it out.​
  • Though the air-conditioned halls of the King Fahd gates are very nice to sleep in, they get way too crowded during the taraweeh timings and even before iftar. So I used to pack up my sleeping stuff, put them in a bag, and leave them with a family who I met who were also performing I’tikaf, and then go to another area to pray. My priority used to be the King Abdul-Aziz gate which wasn’t air-conditioned but much less crowded. Plus, if you were lucky to get a place way up ahead in each cabin, you could get a spectacular view of the Ka’abah! I used to go there an hour before Maghrib or after Maghrib to get a nice spot (most people would leave the mosque to grab some iftar).

  • Sometimes I used to leave the mosque to use the bathroom but couldn’t get back in because of the crowd. In that case, you can easily find a place in the small cabins spread throughout the courtyard of the masjid. They have small ablution areas in the middle too, plus sweet Zam Zam water close by! Now, the sound quality of the prayers was absolutely incredible here. Everything would echo multiple times at the tall marble walls and fall to your ears. Pretty entrancing. Masha Allah.

  • Iftar will not be a problem Insha Allah. If you happen to be outside, there are small gift packs officially distributed and they have dates, water, juice, a croissant, etc. Enough to last you till taraweeh finishes. If you happen to be inside, people generously distribute before maghrib time, though you do have to keep your eyes open and spot distributors!
  • For dinner and suhoor.. there are the hilton towers right in front where there are a couple of fast food outlets to buy your food from.
  1.  Pizza’s of Eight: this is what I had mostly. There was a separate female cue. Waiting times were short. A small sized     pizza would suffice for both “dinner” and suhoor.
  2.  Al-Tazaj: pretty great-tasting chicken broast but get this only if you’re willing to stand in cue for an hour!
  3. KFC: slightly over-priced broast compared to other KFC outlets in the kingdom :/
  4. House of Donuts: has coffee for only 3 SR [others are usually over 5 SR] to keep you awake for the prayers and good if you’re feeling sick.
  5. Shawarma shops outside the tower where you can also get rice and rotisserie chicken. Do care about the hygiene though.
  • Dates and Zam Zam will suffice you more than expected Insha Allah.
  • You can buy lots of things [not junk food please!] from the super-market “Bin Dawood” in the hilton tower, open 24/7
  • Avoid rush hours which include right after prayer or right before. Find a place to pray well in time.
  • I used to go to the bathrooms three times only! One was right after Fajr, every body leaves to get some sleep after the long night of prayers. Second was at 2:45 pm. I remember because they used to close the second basement of the bathrooms at 3 pm for washing and ask everyone to leave. If you can sneak in minutes before they’re asking everyone to get out, you meet empty bathrooms and you don’t have to wait! Third time was after taraweeh. This was unbelievably crowded but inevitable.
  • On Friday, DO NOT, under any circumstances, leave the mosque before Friday prayer, you will NOT be allowed back in. You should enter a cabin by 8-9 am if you want to find a spot. Prayer starts at 1 pm so you can imagine how crowded it will be. I barely had a place to sleep that night, or erm.. morning.
  • Night 27th will be the most crowded (over 1 million people), also night 29th during Khatamul Quran (finishing of the Quran). You will not be allowed to enter the mosque if you leave. Rows for prayers extend up to 10 km out on the road. Here’s a secret. Not many people know that there’s a small prayer area in the hilton towers which is linked to the main audio from Masjid-al-Haram and is considered to be part of it. This was so empty and I was pleasantly surprised! Pray your taraweeh and tahajjud hereeeee!
  • Tawaaf in the morning. Oh my goodness, I always thought the most beautiful thing I saw was Masjid-al-Haram at night but nooo it’s most beautiful in the morning when the sun is sneaking up, the birds are chirping, a cool breeze is flowing, the marble walls look a completely different hue, everything’s glowing, it’s nice and tranquil, you get the idea. First time I came out of the bathroom after Fajr and I witnessed the beauty, my jaw dropped. I seriously did not want to go inside to sleep!
  • Understand what’s being recited in taraweeh and tahajjud each day. This is where your translation Quran comes in handy. Read before-hand or after, but do read the translation no matter what happens. Insha Allah.
  • Help others and do not cause anyone pain. Don’t fight over places. Be on your best behavior. Offer your food. Bring Zam Zam water to old people. Smile. Be thankful. Recharge your iman. Pray for the ummah. Build a connection with your Creator. 


For Urdu Speaker:  

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